Friday, July 16, 2010

Understand + Develop Your Soft Skills

Soft skills in todays corporate world is one of the important tool which will lead you to success. Yes, Technical skills alone may lead you to a good job, however to continue to move your professional graph upward you need to develop your soft skills.

Soft skills are nothing but your personality. It may needs more efforts to be developed your personality (soft skills in you) than technical skills.

Few of the soft skills which corporates look in you before hiring you are,
- Your Attitude.
- Your interpersonal skills.
- Your Presentation skills.
- Your personality.

Tough formal training can only guide you to enhance your soft skills. To actually achieve them you need to consiously practice and bring that change in you.

Few of the steps which can help you to develop your soft skills are:
* Be a good listener - Do not jump into an argument or a conclusion just because you are 100% sure. Listen there may be something more to add to what you know already. Also be an Active listener, you may not be involved in certain topics in a meeting but listening may help you to learn something and show your patience to your collegues / other members.
* Communicate with examples - You may not be a great communicator or finding it difficult to explain your point to the listener. An illustrative example will do the job of communicating what you wanted to rather than creating communication gaps. This again will get you in good books of listeners who may look up on you the next time they face a certain problem.
* Participate - Participate in something which involves team work, it can be a fun activity or a problem solving discussion at office. Listen and also communicate your ideas. Observe reaction of people on your involvement. Slowly you will gain lot of confidence in self when in a group.
* Get Feedack - Yes you read right. Try getting feedback about you, about your personality, about the way you speak/communicate, about your body language etc, from your friends and family. Belive me you will be surprise to hear the feedbacks about you. One important thing, do NOT react immediately to the feedback, Think and try improving on the areas where improvement is needed.
* Dont react or make instant decisions - You may be very angry at what your collegue or friend just said, You may be dissapointed that your team mate did not meet the deadlines. You may have just got firing from your manager for something which was not your fault. Take a few seconds to react, think about it, they may be right. This will do wonders to how people look upon you.

Once again, unless you actually put these points into practice its almost impossible to improve your soft skills and hence your personality.

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