Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Simple (measurable) steps to improve verbal communication.

Communication skills are nothing but conveying your message correctly and completely.
Simple step to improve "Verbal or day to day Communication" are listed below:
Verbal communication - We talk, we communicate. Day to day discussions with colleagues, friends, peers, seniors is what defines verbal communication. So how can we improve verbal communication? ever wondered why talking with friends has always been easy. we are very good in communication skills when it comes to communicating with friends. When talking to peers, colleagues and seniors at work place you may find you are weak at communication skills. Simply because we choose our friends but we do not choose our peers and seniors at work.

a. RELAX - Do not jump to answer. Relax when speaking at work place, do not hesitate to ask questions until you are sure what they are conveying.

b. PREPARE- Prepare before meeting your seniors for any discussions, if possible write points in your notepad before going to meet them, you can always glance at the points and tell them one by one.
c. LISTEN before you speak - This will help you big time. Always listen and understand before replying. Give full attention to the speaker. Remember a good listener can be a good speaker.

You have more suggestions? Please feel free to mention.